Infinity is a generative digital art project realized through the programming language processing together with the physical performance on the 32x32 LED Matrix board. Its intention is to exhibit different forms of digital interaction and artistic scenes, where different geometric shapes are exposed evoking the feelings that can be experienced inside a human brain. This project was done during the class Programming interactive objects by Andreas Gysin.
The idea is born from the conception of the kaleidoscope from the metaphorical perspective of the endless state of mind and how in different situations we can transform and demonstrate (in infinite ways) what a mental image of what we think would look like, an analogy of the mind portraying thoughts and emotions about and within itself through colors and abstract shapes by means of the teensy software and the matrix board

As part of this project, it was necessary to acquire prior knowledge of code and the state of the art in order to create a product that would evoke a personal concept of a specific theme through generative art. The goal was to create a series of scenes that would showcase a particular viewpoint on a theme, such as time, the mind, death, and others.
For this purpose, we utilized Processing, an open-source programming language and integrated development environment based on Java that is user-friendly and serves as a means for teaching and producing multimedia and interactive digital design projects.

The use of infinity has 5 states. These are controlled through scenes that indicate the number 1 to 5 respectively. The first is intended to evoke the mind when it is enthusiastic or excited, the second is the imagination when it is in a reflective loop, the third is the actual interaction with the object, the next is the creativity in a material and specific way and finally explores the brain activity from a slightly darker way, where those transcendental thoughts and those portals to deeper thoughts are found.
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