Project Type: UX Research - Digital Experience Design
Lectures: Elisabeth Graph
Team: Dilek N.

Year: 2022

Waterworks is an application that allows you to track daily water consumption within your family or personally. In this way, you can take actions, receive recommendations, and optimize water usage to help society combat resource depletion through small personal actions.

Usually, the water crisis has become an everyday issue without much importance. People go about their daily routines without thinking about actions that could be improved to reduce water consumption (an endangered resource) and have left it in the hands of the government. The project will focus on showcasing the information you learn, the habits you can adopt, or the data literacy to encourage individuals to take more conscious actions for the planet from their homes. What would be the best way to teach, show, and share this information with people so they know where they can improve?
Research Plan 
The objective of the research is to prioritize the key areas of focus in order to determine where the greatest impact can be made. To initiate this process, our aim was to gain an understanding of the touchpoints involving our target user through the creation of an Ecosystem Map.
Through this, we discovered the need to engage not only with professionals themselves but also with the individuals or organizations with whom they interact.

User Research 
We conducted interviews and surveys for a broader outreach: our interviewees consisted of people that had experienced or not with water scarcity, water problems or general know how the people behave in a normal context with this resource.
Ideation to the solution
Next we turned observation & findings into actionable insights. Here we wanted to find out what are the opportunities for solving the users pain:
Also, after based on the research findings, it can be inferred that the burden of acquiring information and being prepared should be removed from the user. In response to this, we conducted a second round of "How Might We" (HMW) final one ideation sessions, focusing on the user archetype.

Within our findings, we identified the need to focus on effectively presenting information in an attractive, modern, and accurate way for users. We understood the daily activities that could be explained through the product and concluded that the best approach to explain them was through an application with a wide range of categories and informative components for the customers.
This application would educate and provide access to users, enabling them to understand and learn about water conservation practices, the scarcity of water, how to help others, and ultimately, foster the creation of a community of individuals who are more interested in the topic.

Waterworks, therefore, will be the app dedicated to collecting user information, data, and experiences in order to understand how to improve their water consumption habits.
In this way, users can gain understanding, make changes, and transform their habits to contribute to the betterment of the planet. The application includes a record of information and recommendations for users.

I created a new interface so that people could enter their data and start their water care journey, the intention was to make the platform much more usual and user friendly.
Within the platform, Waterworks offers different plug-ins that contain collaborative help with the same family members or with your community. In this way, you can encourage collaborative care and good practices through voice to voice. 
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