Project type: App Design
Collaboration: Angela Landi, Dirshti Gopwani and Irene Djoku
Lectures: Sketchin
Year: 2022


Yumty is an app for grocery lists and food delivery that helps users save time on grocery planning and eliminates the need to visit multiple stores.

The Challenge

Grocery and ordering shopping can be time-consuming, especially when visiting multiple stores is needed to find particular items for people with special routines, like athletes, so they need to optimize this.

My Role

With the collaboration of 3 interaction design students, we've done a complete app design process, starting from problem identification, passing through solution design, and user testing and validation.

Yumty is a food delivery and health tracker app that allows you to track your meals, control the calories, and nutrition recommendations while you order from your preferred and  healthy restaurant.

We conducted a general research study and found that new forms of food consumption have undergone a series of changes due to the new routines and behaviors adopted by society. Time scarcity is becoming increasingly common due to factors such as work, study, and hobbies, and there is a growing need to optimize individual time. Eating, for example, must now be practical and quick. This is where home delivery services become the best and most modern option.
By understanding our users, we undertook the task of understanding their behavior, habits, reasons, and intentions. Through this, we discovered their patterns of actions and thoughts when selecting an application for their use. Within our findings, we discovered two crucial points: the user's need for practicality when selecting an app and their desire to optimize their time. The most important point, however, was that users wanted to establish a stronger connection to their exercise habits.​​​​​​​
For most athletes, maintaining their fitness requires not only a rigorous exercise routine but also a guided diet to continue their healthy practices. Therefore, our users required a food delivery application that could help them maintain their health and fitness while also providing a feature for interaction. This would allow them to continue using the app without having to wait for the launch of new apps related to this topic.
Continuing to formulate how can truly understand the primary feature of this application and how can we focus the development of this platform to address the needs of our specific users. In our analysis, we had to determine if providing information would be useful. By doing so, users could educate themselves, continue their healthy knowledge, and use this information to their advantage when selecting their food based on their personal needs and preferences without feeling guilty or disoriented when choosing.
Now comes the design stage, where we enjoyed understanding how the mind of an athlete worked (even though none of us were athletes ourselves). We proposed various features that would make the application visually attractive and easy for athletes to understand.
Our main goal was for users to feel comfortable providing their body measurements at the beginning so that we could track their progress and offer personalized information on restaurants, food, and options that were accurate. Since we were offering almost personalized assistance to their lifestyle, users required veracity and confidence.
For users who weren't necessarily part of the athletic community but were interested in using our product, we saw it as a good opportunity to provide different explanations, processes, and options that would help them develop healthy habits or simply consume food that would benefit their body.
And voilá! Here is Yumty
Yumty is an application that provides you with healthy food options 24/7 based on your specific needs. It not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also offers information about the food and how it's being calculated and quantified to help with personal care routines.
In addition to providing the option to order prepared food, Yumty also promotes cooking habits by establishing partnerships with food suppliers so that users can purchase and cook their food based on their caloric and nutritional needs.
Design Team: 
Angela Landi
Dirshti Gopwani 
Irene Djoku
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